Alex Ferguson concept behind recruiting Moyes in club

It’s believed that Sir. Alex Ferguson was one of the main figures behind the decision of appointing David Moyes as his successor as Sir. Alex Ferguson was confident that Moyes would do a good job in taking charge of Manchester United after the Scottish coach announced his retirement from coaching the Premier League club after 27 years.

When David Moyes was finally selected as the new coach of Manchester United, it was a disaster for the English club as they failed on winning any major trophy under the guidance of Moyes and it turned out that selecting Moyes as the coach was a terrible decision.

David Moyes admitted himself in saying that one of the main reasons on why he decided to test his might and take up the coaching position of Manchester United was due to Sir.Alex Ferguson as managerial icon of the Premier League club suggest Moyes that it would be a good fit for Moyes but it was the total opposite as Moyes endured an abysmal time during his time in charge of Manchester United.

After only 6 months of having been appointed as the coach of Manchester United, Moyes was sacked due to the disappointing string of performances and results and now David Moyes decided to turn into the manager of the Spanish club Real Sociedad and he revealed that Sir. Alex Ferguson helped him in this decision.

“I spoke to Alex and said ‘this is the opportunity that has come my way, what do you think? and Alex said he felt it was a great opportunity for me.I mentioned the opportunities I had had back in the UK and I felt that probably, after the way things had gone at United, I should move away.We talked about the opportunity, which he thought was a great opportunity. I felt it was the right move for me and he backed me up’’ David Moyes said during an interview

David Moyes listened to Sir. Alex Ferguson’s suggestion of coaching Manchester United and it turned out to be a total disaster, it remains doubtful as to why Moyes would continue hearing to the suggestions of Sir. Alex Ferguson.Moyes is hoping that this time around things will be a different story in his new coaching position at Real Sociedad as he continues to listen to Sir. Alex Ferguson despite having gone through such an abysmal campaign in his first coaching position after having listened to the former manager of Manchester United.