Burnley trying to nullify absence of Vokes and Ings

6 Premier League have been played so far and Burnley along with Newcastle United are located at the bottom of the English League having picked up 3 points with no victories collected.
The latest match of Burnley saw the recently promoted Premier League club sustaining a 4-0 defeat against West Bromwich Albion. Sean Dyche as the head coach of Burnley has a difficult task ahead of him as the English manager has to somehow find a way to start gathering points in the League in order to climb some spots and avoid staying stuck in the relegation zone.
Burnley managed to grab their promotion ticket into the Premier League after finishing the previous season of the Championship League at the 2nd spot. Danny Ings and Sam Vokes played a huge role for Burnley as they scored over of 40 league goals during that season but now the attacking duo are out injured.
It is becoming clear that with the absence of Sam Vokes and Danny Ings, Burnley is struggling trying to score goals after only being able to score 1 goal in 6 Premier League matches.
Sean Dyche got the chance to speak and reveal a few details concerning the situation of Burnley as he said: The simple fact is Ings and Vokes got 47 goals between them last season, but we believe in the players we’ve brought in and we’re positive about the way we go about it. They’re looking forward to it of course. We’ve been flexible with the group, but we’ve only had a limited time to work with the team.
“It’s a solid start to the season in a way, the energy has been very good and so has the quality. It’s just that top third where we have to find that true moment of clarity to score a goal and that’s where we’re continuing to work and progress.”
As the head coach of Burnley, Sean Dyche is trying to find a way to nullify the absence of the star players of the previous season as they are out injured and will not be able to perform together for a few more weeks. All that Dyche wants to do is keep Burnley in the Premier League and avoid getting relegated but as each week passes on and not a single victory is obtained, this task is becoming more and more difficult.