Ferguson’s role in losing the title and winning it back

After a cruel, but exciting finish to the premier league Manchester United finished empty handed as their Manchester rivals lifted the Premier league to deny Ferguson his 20th English league title.

It is inevitable for people to look at where things went wrong and they may be hard pressed to pinpoint the exact problem. Although it would be tempting to blame injuries to the likes of Nemanja Vidic and Darren Fletcher or that a more youthful side lacking experience were United’s undoing, it would not be sufficient answer as at 8 points clear with 6 games remaining, Vidic had been missing all season and the youth of united had been the driving force to their success.

A finger this year may well be pointed at Ferguson himself for the team’s failure. In key games towards the end of the season, most notably the Wigan and City game, Ferguson’s team selection was poor. Taking Ashley young and Antonio Valencia out of the squad to face City was suicidal and the inclusion of Park after 3 months without a start proved to be a weak decision from the red devils manager.

Ferguson has stated that he believes this season will make his side stronger, but surely he must also know the City will also be much stronger. Ferguson was quick to congratulate his neighbours and hinted at United also opening the cheque book to ensure the title next year, with rumours of Eden Hazard and Yohan Cabaye being suggested as possible transfer targets. Bringing in players to strengthen his squad is a necessity especially in central midfield and defence. With Ferguson still hungry to continue at the helm at old Trafford, United will be ready for battle as they look to overcome their rivals next season.