It seems things have not been very easy for the Red Devils since the exit of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Could it be that he took with him all his good luck and shine? Since Ferguson’s exit in 2013, United have been unable to confidently challenge for the coveted Premier League crown with each passing season.

Juan Mata has come out to say that Manchester United are finding it quite difficult to cope since the highly respected coach left the club. However, Mata who was signed onto the club by David Moyes all the way from rival giants, Chelsea in January 2014, is hopeful that they would soon overcome the present challenges and start fighting for the title once more.

After Alex Ferguson’s exit, there have been other coaches, David Moyes and Louis Van Gal. Next and current manager of the Manchester United squad is Jose Mourinho who took over the mantle of leadership after the dismissal of Van Gaal following his dismal performance and inability to come off with something meaningful in the championship.

So far, Mourinho has done anything but convince the club that he is one who can turn their woes around. Yet still, Mata remains hopeful that there is a brighter future ahead. Speaking to reporters, he said:

“It is difficult to start a new era after the time Sir Alex was here. But I would tell people that this club sooner or later will be fighting for trophies again and hopefully this season.

“We are bringing players every year trying to get that and, sooner or later, we are going to get that because, as I said before, we have a great squad and also an unbelievable support behind us.We know we can do better in some ways and that we need to get points.”