Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho wants to emulate the legacy set by former coach Alex Ferguson at the club. The Portuguese manager claims he wants to remain at Old Trafford for the next 15 years.

Mourinho is set to continue his second year of work on the team following the disappointments and subsequent sack of David Moyes and Louis van Gaal. The two-time Chelsea boss lifted the Community Shield, EFL Cup and Europa League in his first year and many more titles are expected as he continues.

The Red Devils would be playing in the Champions League since 2014 following Ferguson’s resignation. Mourinho is chasing European success, which he last achieved seven years ago. He has never stayed beyond three years at a club at a go but he says he could stay as long as 15 at United.

“I am ready for this. I am ready for the next 15, I would say. Here? Yes, why not?”

Mourinho added that the job was “very difficult” because of the pressure. He says that fact that only one team can win makes the job more difficult every year. Mou claims his job goes beyond what he does on the pitch.

“This club, for so many years, was Sir Alex. People got used to it; people understood the great consequences of that stability. After David and Mr. Van Gaal, I come to my second year and hopefully I can stay and give that stability that the club wants,” Mourinho said hopefully.

The coach admits that he has to continue to get the results to deserve the role. After huge spending, Mourinho would be under scrutiny as the season begins next week.

“You have huge success in one year, the next year you don’t have success and you are out. It happened to me at Chelsea, it happened to [Claudio] Ranieri at Leicester, it will happen to many others. Nowadays, people look much more on the short term,” he said.