David Moyes has struggled trying to keep up with all the expectations and the legacy that has been left behind by his predecessor Sir. Alex Ferguson after a number of disappointing losses not only in the Premier League but also getting eliminated from the FA Cup on January 5.

Manchester United is located outside of the top 5 spots of the Premier League which is a huge change from the previous season when they were claimed as the champions of England.

Even though the team of Old Trafford have been going through so much modifications in the squad and in the staff, the former coach of the club Sir. Alex Ferguson has not given up hopes about Manchester United as according to him, anything can happen.

“I’m not writing anyone off, Tottenham have started coming forward a bit now, Liverpool are doing very well, Everton are doing very well, Manchester City are doing fantastic and Arsenal are top of the league’’.

“With José Mourinho you expect Chelsea to win games playing ugly but all these teams are in there. United are in behind chasing. United can do anything. They have got that great philosophy and history, they will always do well’’.

Sir. Alex Ferguson even stated that he enjoys watching Manchested United play and despite the final outcome of the match, he still enjoys it with the fans of the stadium.

“I can watch the team whenever I want and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m going as a supporter now and instead of suffering with the team, I’m suffering or enjoying it with the fans. I’m really enjoying watching the team play.”

The former Scottish manager and player continued on saying that David Moyes has the support of the board of Manchester United and that new coaches need time to adapt into a new club just like new players try to adapt when they sign for a new football destination.