Robin Van Persie is feeling horrible after his country’s crushing defeat

Robin Van Persie is feeling horrible after his country’s crushing defeat at the hands of Turkey in a vital Euro qualifier the other day.

Turkey won that game 3-0 and displaced Netherlands from the third position in Group A.
Now, Turkey has got 12 points in the kitty in comparison to Netherlands’ 10.

If the Dutch are not able to overtake that deficit somehow in the two games that they are left with, they will get eliminated and Turkey will advance to the playoffs.

Van Persie, who was relieved of the captaincy duties by Danny Blind as he had taken the charge of the side, had to wear the armband again at the Torku Arena in the absence of Arjen Robben.
The 32-year old striker was absolutely distraught at the conclusion of the game.

Talking to the press, Van Persie, said, “Right from the word go in this campaign, we have found it tough and now we are not in control of the situation. It’s an awful feeling, totally awful to say the least.”

One good thing for Netherlands is that they have to play one of their remaining games against Kazakhstan, the weakest team in the group so far.

Turkey, on the other hand, has to face two of the toughest opponents in the form of Czech Republic and Iceland, both of whom have already qualified for the main competition.

Meanwhile, Blind, who saw the team getting beaten for the second time in his two games in charge, was of the opinion that losing opportunities was what cost the Oranje big.

The boss was quoted as saying, “You can’t be letting the scoring chances go by. That was pretty disappointing. We could have been in a good position if we had taken our chances.”