Sir Alex Ferguson States His Opinion About Jose’s New Appointment

Among the different experts and influencers in the world of European football as Sir Alex Ferguson is one person whose opinion is usually sought out.

In the latest coach transfer case for Manchester United he has pointed out that Jose Mourinho should have thought twice before he decided to move back to Chelsea. Sir Alex is no stranger to Jose’s achievements and his career progression over the years. The Scot, who is currently 74 years of age, feels that Mourinho had considerable success when he was with Old Trafford and they have definitely seen much of each other in the previous years.

This season began with Jose been appointed as the new manager for Manchester United. Alex feels that he should not have come back for a second spell in this club. That is probably because he feels that his achievements had not been given proper credit. The west London club had sacked him even though they won the title in the Premier League of the previous season.

The start to the last season had been dreadful for the club. Mourinho has a lot of history with Chelsea. He helped the club to win two major league titles. The first spell of his tenure with the club had been from 2004 to 2007. He had then returned to Stamford Bridge in the year 2013. Sir Alex feels that Mourinho would have a tough time proving himself a second time. That is a case that is common in many instances. However, he does admit that Mourinho has the right credentials to help the club turn things around. As last season had been dreadful for the club, including being ousted from the Premier League, there is a lot on Mourinho’s shoulders in order to help turn things around for the team.