Sir. Alex Ferguson thinks that David Gill is the ideal man to replace SeppBlatter

FIFA has recently been surrounded in a string of corruption scandals and things have gotten so serious that a number of executives from the football association have been arrested after it was confirmed that there indeed was something suspicious going on.

The FBI is still on a process of investigating other members of FIFA and the pressure has evolved at such a point that the president SeppBlatter decided to step down and resign.

The former manager of Manchester United, Sir. Alex Ferguson has given his point of view as to which person should replace SeppBlatter and turn into the next president of FIFA. The Scottish manager believes that David Gill has everything that is needed to repair all of the damage which has been caused in recent times.

David Gill is the vice-chairman of the Football Association (FA) and he was a former executive of Manchester United. Sir. Alex Ferguson is certain that David Gill has what it takes to erase all the wrong doings which have been going on.

Sir. Alex Ferguson voiced his opinion in relation to who should be the next president of FIFA and the Scottishman said: “David’s just what’s needed to repair the damage done to world football with the recent allegations of bribery and corruption. Without question he is the best football administrator in Britain.He is honest, straightforward and has a vast knowledge of football. These are qualities which are alien to FIFA just now. He is also extremely eloquent and has a great presence.’’

FIFA has established an extraordinary meeting which will be taking place in July with it’s Executive Committee all having to decide on the candidates for the presidential election as well as number of other things have to be settled as the football governing authority wants to start fresh and have a clean slate.