There have been many past players and pundits who have granted interviews with several news media outlets and have been asked what they think is currently going on with Liverpool given the torrid period they’re facing so far this season. One of those former players who has also been asked similar questions is Liverpool’s former defender Mark Lawrenson.

Lawrenson said he believes that one of the problems currently eating up the Anfield club is probably that manager Jurgen Klopp has lost the dressing room and is no longer able to pass messages across to his players. The ex-defender said the reason for this could be as a result of how long he has spent with the players at Liverpool. Read More

Jamie Carragher stated that Sir Alex Ferguson knew that Jurgen Klopp will be a success at Liverpool. The former Liverpool player said that he was invited to play in a testimonial game for Michael Carrick and that he had a chat with the former Manchester United manager.

He said that Sir Alex Ferguson told him that Jurgen Klopp was a good manager and that there is something special about him. He told Carragher that Klopp is a really confident man. Jamie Carragher said that Sir Alex Ferguson appeared a bit worried and that this was the sign that he was afraid that Liverpool will return to their glory days.
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