Sir. Alex Ferguson is widely considered to be one of the best managers in the history of football as he guided Manchester United to 13 Premier League titles and 2 Champions League titles as well as numerous other pieces of silverware.

The Scottishman has an illustrious managerial career but there is something that put a stain to his legacy was the decision to appoint David Moyes as the head coach of Manchester United a few years ago.

David Moyes was recommended by Sir. Alex Ferguson to take over the managerial position of Manchester United but this was a disastrous decision as Moyes only lasted 10 months and was sacked after a string of disappointing results which left the club hanging in the middle section of the Premier League standings.

The MP of Tottenham Hotspur, David Lammy has recently stated that Sir. Alex Ferguson believes Mauricio Pochettino is the best manager in the entire Premier League. ‘’The Spurs Show’’ is a podcast involving the English club and in this show, Lammy said: “I’m going to let you into a secret. About six weeks ago, I sat next to Sir Alex Ferguson at a dinner in support of grassroots football abroad. He said to me, ‘I think you guys have got the best manager in the Premier League’. Alex Ferguson told me that.”

Tottenham Hotspur is currently positioned in 2nd place in the Premier League as they have turned into genuine contenders for the title in this season. Mauricio Pochettino has consistently been praised for turning his squad into an energetic and youth squad which has the perfect mix between experience and explosiveness.

Leicester City has easily been the breakthrough club of the first half in the Premier League as they managed to position themselves at the top of the English League, ahead of everyone else and even though they don’t have the same budget or big name players compared to other clubs in the same league, Sir. Alex Ferguson stated that Leicester City can actually come out on top and become the new champions of England.

Sir. Alex Ferguson stated that Leicester City can continue remaining in the top positions of the league as long as they invest wisely in the winter transfer window and don’t allow any of their star players on exiting as this can seriously affect the balance that Claudio Ranieri has created ever since he took on the managerial position of the club back in July of 2015.

When Claudio Ranieri was asked about the possibility of seeing his team winning the Premier League, the Italian manager said that it’s an achievement which is too far out of the reach of Leicester City but Sir. Alex Ferguson has a completely different point of view as he is certain that it can actually happen

Former Manchester United coach Sir. Alex Ferguson said: “So, for a small club historically as Leicester City they have a challenge, how far can they go with this present squad, can they last the whole season?

“If I were him (Ranieri) I’d want an investment in January because this is a big opportunity. They could win the league, the way they are playing at the moment, and they have goals in their team.
This season of the Premier League still has a long way to go before the champion can be announced and anything can happen until that moment arrives but but Sir. Alex Ferguson is a supporter and believer that Leicester City can make history by winning the league title.

Robin Van Persie is feeling horrible after his country’s crushing defeat at the hands of Turkey in a vital Euro qualifier the other day.

Turkey won that game 3-0 and displaced Netherlands from the third position in Group A.
Now, Turkey has got 12 points in the kitty in comparison to Netherlands’ 10.

If the Dutch are not able to overtake that deficit somehow in the two games that they are left with, they will get eliminated and Turkey will advance to the playoffs.

Van Persie, who was relieved of the captaincy duties by Danny Blind as he had taken the charge of the side, had to wear the armband again at the Torku Arena in the absence of Arjen Robben.
The 32-year old striker was absolutely distraught at the conclusion of the game.

Talking to the press, Van Persie, said, “Right from the word go in this campaign, we have found it tough and now we are not in control of the situation. It’s an awful feeling, totally awful to say the least.”

One good thing for Netherlands is that they have to play one of their remaining games against Kazakhstan, the weakest team in the group so far.

Turkey, on the other hand, has to face two of the toughest opponents in the form of Czech Republic and Iceland, both of whom have already qualified for the main competition.

Meanwhile, Blind, who saw the team getting beaten for the second time in his two games in charge, was of the opinion that losing opportunities was what cost the Oranje big.

The boss was quoted as saying, “You can’t be letting the scoring chances go by. That was pretty disappointing. We could have been in a good position if we had taken our chances.”

FA has made it clear that England will have a new manager if the Euro Championships don’t go to the expectations.

Currently in charge of England is Roy Hodgson who is supposed to enjoy a great relationship with FA, but, he has been told not to expect himself to be persisted with if he is not able to take the team deep into the tournament in France.

England has absolutely cruised through the qualifiers, but, that can’t really speak volumes of their ability because the level of the opposition has not been that high. They will face the real challenge in tournament proper which they are almost qualified for already.

Hodgson has overseen England’s campaign in two big tournaments so far since taking charge and both have been kind of disappointing.

In Euro ’12, the Three Lions bowed out of the Round of 8, but, there was no question of Hodgson’s position coming under the microscope at that time as he had just been brought in the job and he did not have enough time to build his team ahead of that tournament.

But, going into World Cup ’14, he was settled well in his role and was being backed to inspire England to something special over there in Brazil, but, it turned out to be a total disaster as the Three Lions returned home without even clearing the group round.

Hodgson, though, was still given the benefit of the doubt by the FA whose bosses were of the opinion that the 68-year old should be there until his contract expires.

But, as the reports are coming through, this time around, the message has been sent to him that another disappointing show in France would simply mean he goes out of his job.

FIFA has recently been surrounded in a string of corruption scandals and things have gotten so serious that a number of executives from the football association have been arrested after it was confirmed that there indeed was something suspicious going on.

The FBI is still on a process of investigating other members of FIFA and the pressure has evolved at such a point that the president SeppBlatter decided to step down and resign.

The former manager of Manchester United, Sir. Alex Ferguson has given his point of view as to which person should replace SeppBlatter and turn into the next president of FIFA. The Scottish manager believes that David Gill has everything that is needed to repair all of the damage which has been caused in recent times.

David Gill is the vice-chairman of the Football Association (FA) and he was a former executive of Manchester United. Sir. Alex Ferguson is certain that David Gill has what it takes to erase all the wrong doings which have been going on.

Sir. Alex Ferguson voiced his opinion in relation to who should be the next president of FIFA and the Scottishman said: “David’s just what’s needed to repair the damage done to world football with the recent allegations of bribery and corruption. Without question he is the best football administrator in Britain.He is honest, straightforward and has a vast knowledge of football. These are qualities which are alien to FIFA just now. He is also extremely eloquent and has a great presence.’’

FIFA has established an extraordinary meeting which will be taking place in July with it’s Executive Committee all having to decide on the candidates for the presidential election as well as number of other things have to be settled as the football governing authority wants to start fresh and have a clean slate.

Chelsea boss José Mourinho has praised Sir Alex Ferguson for his multifaceted personality, which he is trying to replicate in his own game. Ferguson is regarded as one of the best managers in the game. He stepped down from his role at Manchester United almost 2 years ago.

The likes of Mourinho and Pep Guardiola are trying to take the position vacated by Ferguson. However, Mourinho says that it will take a very strong person in order to replace the Scot, as he had two faces to his game. Ferguson was always known as a manager had immense control over the referees.

The Scot’s fiery reputation as well as the long list of trophies that he has won makes him a formidable force. Mourinho has revealed that Ferguson would try almost everything in order to win a game of football, but he also had another face in which he tried to be as fair as possible. Mourinho and Ferguson came face-to-face for the first time in 2004 when Porto went up against Manchester United in the Champions League quarter-final. Since then, the two have met several times while Mourinho was at various clubs like Chelsea and Inter Milan. Despite his great record in terms of trophies, Ferguson has always come up second best against Mourinho.

“That was when I felt the two faces of such a big man.The first face was the competitor, the man that tried everything to win. And after that I found the man with principles, with the respect for the opponent, with the fair play – I found these two faces in that period, and that was very important for me.In my culture, the Portuguese and the Latin culture, we don’t have that culture of the second face; we are in football to win and when we don’t there is not a second face most of the time,” said Ferguson.

Some people might say that they are not overly satisfied with the work put in by Louis Van Gaal as manager at Old Trafford, but, Sir Alex Ferguson has given full marks to the Holland native.

Sir Alex believes that Van Gaal should be credited for bringing in stability to the trembling ship of the Red Devils.

When Ferguson left in 2013 summer, he passed on the reins to his compatriot David Moyes with the hopes that he would take his legacy forward.

But, Moyes’ term was an absolute disaster for United as not only did they fail to defend their Premier League title, they could not even make it to the European Cup causing the fans to be absolutely angry.

The manager’s head was being wanted and eventually, the Glazer family had to make the sacking call with a few games still to go in the season.

Ryan Giggs took over temporarily before Van Gaal arrived last summer.

Though Van Gaal has not changed things extraordinarily, but, he has tightened up United a little bit and has made it difficult for the opposition to defeat them easily.

He has actually got stick for that with people saying that he is making Manchester United play the kind of Football that they have never played.

But, even with his defensive tactics, Van Gaal has managed to put impression on Sir Alex who poured heaps of praise on the Dutchman in an interview recently.

According to Sir Alex, Van Gaal has lessened the no. of defeats since his arrival and that’s pretty good considering that this is a sort of rebuilding time for United.

Manchester United seems to be going to finish at 3 or 4 in the League table this season if they don’t suffer string of losses from here on in.

It’s believed that Sir. Alex Ferguson was one of the main figures behind the decision of appointing David Moyes as his successor as Sir. Alex Ferguson was confident that Moyes would do a good job in taking charge of Manchester United after the Scottish coach announced his retirement from coaching the Premier League club after 27 years.

When David Moyes was finally selected as the new coach of Manchester United, it was a disaster for the English club as they failed on winning any major trophy under the guidance of Moyes and it turned out that selecting Moyes as the coach was a terrible decision.

David Moyes admitted himself in saying that one of the main reasons on why he decided to test his might and take up the coaching position of Manchester United was due to Sir.Alex Ferguson as managerial icon of the Premier League club suggest Moyes that it would be a good fit for Moyes but it was the total opposite as Moyes endured an abysmal time during his time in charge of Manchester United.

After only 6 months of having been appointed as the coach of Manchester United, Moyes was sacked due to the disappointing string of performances and results and now David Moyes decided to turn into the manager of the Spanish club Real Sociedad and he revealed that Sir. Alex Ferguson helped him in this decision.

“I spoke to Alex and said ‘this is the opportunity that has come my way, what do you think? and Alex said he felt it was a great opportunity for me.I mentioned the opportunities I had had back in the UK and I felt that probably, after the way things had gone at United, I should move away.We talked about the opportunity, which he thought was a great opportunity. I felt it was the right move for me and he backed me up’’ David Moyes said during an interview

David Moyes listened to Sir. Alex Ferguson’s suggestion of coaching Manchester United and it turned out to be a total disaster, it remains doubtful as to why Moyes would continue hearing to the suggestions of Sir. Alex Ferguson.Moyes is hoping that this time around things will be a different story in his new coaching position at Real Sociedad as he continues to listen to Sir. Alex Ferguson despite having gone through such an abysmal campaign in his first coaching position after having listened to the former manager of Manchester United.

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has incredibly claimed that he had doubts as to whether midfielder Paul Scholes will be able to make the grade as a first-team regular at the club.

Scholes is regarded as one of the finest midfielders to have graced the game. His vision and passing abilities has helped United win numerous trophies including the Champions League. After his recent retirement, United have been struggling in order to assert control over their opponents. This has largely been attributed to the absence of Scholes, although Michael Carrick has been doing his best to step into the role.

Strangely, Scholes would have never become a United great according to Ferguson. Despite being the brand ambassador at Manchester United with an annual salary of around £ 2 million, Ferguson has been taking life easy in the last 12 months. He recently released an autobiography that came out with numerous revelations about players like Roy Keane and David Beckham. Outside the autobiography, he has stated that Scholes, who went on to make 718 appearances for the club, denote convince him during the initial stages. One of the primary reasons for this lack of confidence was the physical stature of Scholes, who is a relatively short player.

“I was very aware that the first time I clapped eyes on Paul Scholes, I thought: ‘too small’.But that’s when nurturing talent comes in.And you’re rewarded hugely. It’s a fantastic challenge but I’m speaking mostly about leadership and I’m comfortable doing that,” said Ferguson, who recently provided backing to manager Louis van Gaal. The Dutchman has been struggling as the replacement for David Moyes, who did not last a full season himself, and is yet to win an away match this campaign. United take on nemesis Arsenal in a league match after the international break.

6 Premier League have been played so far and Burnley along with Newcastle United are located at the bottom of the English League having picked up 3 points with no victories collected.
The latest match of Burnley saw the recently promoted Premier League club sustaining a 4-0 defeat against West Bromwich Albion. Sean Dyche as the head coach of Burnley has a difficult task ahead of him as the English manager has to somehow find a way to start gathering points in the League in order to climb some spots and avoid staying stuck in the relegation zone.
Burnley managed to grab their promotion ticket into the Premier League after finishing the previous season of the Championship League at the 2nd spot. Danny Ings and Sam Vokes played a huge role for Burnley as they scored over of 40 league goals during that season but now the attacking duo are out injured.
It is becoming clear that with the absence of Sam Vokes and Danny Ings, Burnley is struggling trying to score goals after only being able to score 1 goal in 6 Premier League matches.
Sean Dyche got the chance to speak and reveal a few details concerning the situation of Burnley as he said: The simple fact is Ings and Vokes got 47 goals between them last season, but we believe in the players we’ve brought in and we’re positive about the way we go about it. They’re looking forward to it of course. We’ve been flexible with the group, but we’ve only had a limited time to work with the team.
“It’s a solid start to the season in a way, the energy has been very good and so has the quality. It’s just that top third where we have to find that true moment of clarity to score a goal and that’s where we’re continuing to work and progress.”
As the head coach of Burnley, Sean Dyche is trying to find a way to nullify the absence of the star players of the previous season as they are out injured and will not be able to perform together for a few more weeks. All that Dyche wants to do is keep Burnley in the Premier League and avoid getting relegated but as each week passes on and not a single victory is obtained, this task is becoming more and more difficult.