Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson has his seat on hold at Old Trafford ahead of the club’s game against Leicester City in the season opener. The Red Devils will host the Foxes on August 10 when the season kicks off. The club is hoping Ferguson would be well enough to attend the opener.

The legendary coach suffered a stroke in May but he has recovered. He made his first appearance this week since the potentially fatal incident. He was featured in a video message where he thanked NHS staff for their efforts in saving his life.
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Dimitar Berbatov opines that Tottenham Hotspurs badly need a title now, having developed greatly over the years. The player played at White Hart Lane until his Deadline Day switch to Man United in 2008.

“Spurs are a better team that when I was there. But don’t forget we won the [League Cup in 2008] then. Now they have a new training ground, they are building a new stadium, have good players….the only thing missing is a cup,”the player said. Read More

English Premier League side Arsenal are reportedly set to swoop in and seal the deal for Marouane Fellaini as the midfielder refuses a new deal at Old Trafford. The Red Devil star rejected the terms of a new deal United offered.

The 29-year old Belgian is still happy with continuing with the Manchester-based outfit but his deal lapses next summer. United boss Jose Mourinho reportedly doesn’t mind that the deal runs down rather than offering better terms or selling him in January.
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On June 3 of 2017, Real Madrid made history as they overcame Juventus in the finals of the UEFA Champions League as the Spanish club became the very 1st club to defend the prestigious European title.

Real Madrid had already previously won the UEFA Champions League title during the season of 2015-16 and did once again in the following season.


Being able to accomplish this historic achievement is something monumental but Sir. Alex Ferguson believes that Real Madrid is far from done as the icon of Manchester United is certain that ZinedineZidane will continue to do record breaking things as the head coach of Real Madrid.

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Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho wants to emulate the legacy set by former coach Alex Ferguson at the club. The Portuguese manager claims he wants to remain at Old Trafford for the next 15 years.

Mourinho is set to continue his second year of work on the team following the disappointments and subsequent sack of David Moyes and Louis van Gaal. The two-time Chelsea boss lifted the Community Shield, EFL Cup and Europa League in his first year and many more titles are expected as he continues. Read More

Manchester United are the latest team to make the Champions League list for next term after winning the Europa League game against Ajax in Stockholm on Wednesday.

Coach Jose Mourinho’s name is being sung to the high heavens after the feat in the Friends Arena. He has won four of his European finals that he has been involved in.

Pundits praised Marouane Fellaini and Paul Pogba for their strong display against the Dutch side. An excited Juan Mata said he was happy to lift the European title with the Red Devils. He said it was special after the Manchester Arena bombings.

This means five Premier League teams would appear in the Champions League next season. Chelsea, Spurs, Man City and Liverpool already qualified before United now join them.

“We did it. We are very proud. Nobody can talk. They said we had a bad season but we have three trophies,” Pogba said after the game.

United won the Community Shield before the EFL Cup glory and then the Europa League title. The four minutes added were not enough for the Dutch side to cause an upset after goals from Pogba and HenrikhMkhitaryan.

United’s appearance in the Champions League draw pot means only two English sides will play next season’s Europa League: Arsenal and Everton. Arsenal would go straight to the group stage while Everton will play from the third qualifying round.

Man United are expected to make the Pot 2 at the group stage draw for the tournament in august based on their UEFA coefficient ranking points.

Manchester United secured their ticket into the quarter-finals of the Europa League after having defeated FC Rostov.

The Premier League club is scheduled to face-off with Anderlecht on April 13 for Game 1 of these upcoming quarter-final stages.

According to the Manchester United icon Sir. Alex Ferguson believes that the Premier League club should focus on winning the Europa League for the fact that it can allow them to qualify and compete in the UEFA Champions League of the next season.

“The thing is, we’ve never won the Europa League. We never won the UEFA Cup, what it used to be and we’ve got a great draw. I’m not saying it’s a certainty, but they’ve got a great chance. It’s still a European trophy and if you win it, you get into the Champions League. The incentive is greater to do that.”Sir. Alex Ferguson said as he suggested to Jose Mourinho and his squad to focus on the Europa League and to make it their priority.

Another possible way that Manchester United can qualify for the upcoming season of the UEFA Champions League is by snatching a top 5 spot in the Premier League but this path is probably the more difficult one as Jose Mourinho and his squad will have to consistently win match and earn points while the UEFA Europa League can be defined by far fewer amount of games.

The last time that Manchester United won the Champions League was back during the season of 2007-08 when they overcame Chelsea in an intense penalty session.

Even though it’s been over 9 years since Manchester United won the prestigious European title, it’s probably not in their list of priorities as the Premier League club has recently been switching managers and struggling to secure a top 3 spot in the top tier English League.

During the 2013-14 season, United finished in the 7th spot, in the 2014-15 season United snapped the 4th position and in the 2015-16 season, United had to settle with the 5th position.

It’s clear that Manchester United aren’t going through the best of times and trying to qualify as well as compete in the UEFA Champions League is not what they should be focusing on.

Darren Fletcher says that Sir Alex Ferguson always had an idea of what the Red Devils boys were up to when he was the manager of the squad.

As per Fletcher, the geographical area of Manchester is not that much. So, Ferguson had his acquaintances spread in every corner of the city and he would gather all the information from them.

And it was not as if he had to ring people up to gather the information. There was no need for him to do that. People themselves wanted to talk to him because he was such a famous individual, a kind of a superstar in his own right and passing on the information was one way of reaching him or talking to him.

So, whenever someone had that opportunity, they wouldn’t miss it and would dial his number immediately and let him know which disco or pub any particular player went to and for how long he remained there and then the next morning the coach would catch the lad in a complete state of shock by asking him how his outing in the night was.

Fletcher reckons that ten or fifteen years back, the players could go over the top in discos or places like that because there was no social media back in that time and things didn’t tend to go viral. So, they might think that whatever they do, the coach wouldn’t be able to know about it.

But, once they realized that the coach’s eyes were actually watching them everywhere, there was always going to be a second thought in their minds before they would cross the line anywhere. So, in that sense, it was a great way to sort of stop the players from breaching the discipline.

Former Manchester United player Jaap Stam is set to reunite with former manager Alex Ferguson when he leads Reading in a visit to Old Trafford in the third round of the FA Cup next month.

The Dutchman is poised for a return to a club he won three Premier League title and a Champions League.

The 44-year old is one of Fergie’s players that followed his footsteps in soccer management. He is set to receive an ovation when he arrives at old Trafford. He was one of the standout players at United then he left in 2001 to play in the Serie A. He stayed at Lazio where he enjoyed five successful seasons before switching again to Ajax where he ended his career.

After the player left, Ferguson disclosed that letting the player leave was his biggest mistake.
“Jaap Stam was the one. Without a question, I made a mistake there,” he confessed. He blamed his error on the fitness report he received then.

“He’d been out for months end and, when he came back, Steve McClaren [United’s then assistant manager], and I thought he had lost a yard of pace. We played Fulham and he didn’t have a good game and at that moment Lazio come in and offer £16.5 million.

“So then Jaap goes to Lazio and he played fantastic. So it was a bad decision. I should maybe have waited a bit longer,” Ferguson disclosed.

Staam has had coaching spells at Zwolle and Ajax before helping Reading to a third place finish in the Championship. Ahead of his return to Old Trafford he said it would be “nice” to talk with Ferguson.

“I haven’t heard from Sir Alex since I came here but I do think it would be nice to talk to him. Now as a manager, I think of the way he spoke to the group, how he affected the team at certain moments,” Stam said.

It seems things have not been very easy for the Red Devils since the exit of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Could it be that he took with him all his good luck and shine? Since Ferguson’s exit in 2013, United have been unable to confidently challenge for the coveted Premier League crown with each passing season.

Juan Mata has come out to say that Manchester United are finding it quite difficult to cope since the highly respected coach left the club. However, Mata who was signed onto the club by David Moyes all the way from rival giants, Chelsea in January 2014, is hopeful that they would soon overcome the present challenges and start fighting for the title once more.

After Alex Ferguson’s exit, there have been other coaches, David Moyes and Louis Van Gal. Next and current manager of the Manchester United squad is Jose Mourinho who took over the mantle of leadership after the dismissal of Van Gaal following his dismal performance and inability to come off with something meaningful in the championship.

So far, Mourinho has done anything but convince the club that he is one who can turn their woes around. Yet still, Mata remains hopeful that there is a brighter future ahead. Speaking to reporters, he said:

“It is difficult to start a new era after the time Sir Alex was here. But I would tell people that this club sooner or later will be fighting for trophies again and hopefully this season.

“We are bringing players every year trying to get that and, sooner or later, we are going to get that because, as I said before, we have a great squad and also an unbelievable support behind us.We know we can do better in some ways and that we need to get points.”